Let me introduce myself…

Hi there!

Firstly, thanks for stopping by.

I’m Tess and I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University.

I’m a late twenty-something year old, with an incredulous passion for food, nutrition, pilates, coffee, wearing my active wear on all occasions other than exercising, the two main men in my life: my husband Alex and our Sheltie puppy ‘Simba’ and of course my darling daughter, Emilia.

I initially created this blog as I am an emerging dietitian who really couldn’t cook. It sounds like an oxymoron. I love food, I love eating, I loved the science behind cooking yet I was simply hopeless at it.

I used say that my favourite thing to make for dinner were reservations.

I’ve always love to bake. That’s the one base (tin) I’ve got covered in the kitchen.

As this blog as evolved, I feel as though I have flourished in the kitchen. I’ve found my true passion. I feel at home and comforted when I bake. How sweet is that?

This blog aims to explore how to create healthy and enjoyable meals with limited cooking skills alongside segments of my often hectic life.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Tess xo





The information provided on this blog is of a general nature and is not intended to replace personalised medical care or professional advice. If you would like dietary or nutritional advice I can help you find an Accredited Practicing Dietitian here.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Larraine says:

    Congratulations on the Launch of your new Blog, Tess! Look forward to reading more! Xx


  2. Lesa Bakker says:

    Congrats Tess! A great idea! I am sure I will get lots of great tips from reading your blog! Cooking isn’t my forte! Xx


  3. Maris Syme says:

    Salmon recipe sounds delic! Look forward to reading about more recipes & being inspired!! I need inspiration when it comes to cooking!! Great idea, Tess! X


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