The it’s ok that you’re busy dinner….

I get it. We are all extremely busy. And sometimes the dreaded thought of having to stop at the supermarket, think about what you want to cook for dinner [let’s be honest – takeaway is probably on your mind], get home, cook, eat, clean the kitchen before heading to bed can be a down right daunting thought.

That was me tonight.

After a hectic day at work followed by the gym and walking the dog. It was already 8.30pm before I finally set foot in the house and began thinking about my dinner plans.

Alex often works afternoon/evening/night shifts so it’s not uncommon that I find myself in this situation quite regularly. I find cooking for one quite an unappealing task. If both of us are home, I find that we make more of an effort to be slightly more creative in our meals.

So instead of reaching to my phone for menulog [seriously the best invention ever], I opened my sparse fridge and decided it was ok to have a basic dinner.

So tonight I had scrambled eggs made with smoked cheddar cheese [I’m pretty sure the words jackpot left my mouth when I discovered this in the fridge] on an amazing piece of cheese and chive bread from the Portarlington Bakery. This was accompanied by tomatoes generously drizzled in olive oil from my very close friend’s family farm #organicbaby.

The result?

Simple, delicious and fulfilling.

I guess the point of this post is – in order to have a healthy/balanced meal, food doesn’t have to be complex or expensive.

It’s more about real ingredients. Wholesome food rather than overly processed items.

Whilst basic, my dinner included protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Ideally I would have liked to have a wider variety of vegetables in my meal but I worked with what I had.

I think I’ll make a fruit salad this evening too, just to top up my micronutrient intake. That’s just my personal preference.


So here I am contently eating my simple dinner, watching the tennis.

Note the fruit themed napkin. Did you really expect anything less?

eggs 2

I promise to post more appealing recipes for one which aren’t time consuming and require basic ingredients in the future.


In other news..  I found out today that my clinical placement for the next semester is to be in Ballarat with two of my close friends. How good is that? Stay tuned for us cooking up a storm whilst on placement. It’s going to be so amazing.

Lots of love





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