The Jam zeppole love affair..

Happy Hump Day folks.

Last week I decided to have my wonderful in-laws & co over for dinner.

I’ve quickly learnt that in order for my cooking adventure to be successful, I need to be organised.

After searching through recipe books for two days I decided this rather relaxed dinner affair was to have an Italian theme.

My ever wonderful mum had bought me The Broadsheet Melbourne’s Cookbook for Christmas. This exciting cookbook has recipes from Melbourne’s best restaurants. Gnocchi Sorrentia from Kaprica was to be the main course and Jam zeppole [doughnuts] from the ever trusty Gourmet Traveller Magazine were to be the icing on the cake – so to speak.

The night before, I purchased all of my ingredients and for the very first time made my own raspberry jam. I couldn’t believe how simple, easy and delicious this was. This will be the first of many.

The next day, I arrived home from work and without a second thought, started cooking. Before I knew it almost 2.5 hours had passed and I had on the table the most divine, induldgent yet simplistic, wholesome, nourishing gnocchi dish that I was exceptionally proud of.

There is something so satisfying about cooking delicious food for the ones that you love.

There is also something so immensely satisfying about seeing those gnocchi pillows float to the top of the boiling saucepan #success #iCANcook #perhapsishouldchangethenameofmyblog


Now onto dessert. It’s a week later and I still can’t quite believe I pulled this off.

I managed to sift through the Gourmet Traveller’s online archives and found that they had recycled this recipe for their latest mag. Same recipe just different title.

I thought I was satisfied when I saw the gnocchi float to the top of the saucepan. Nothing can compare to the feeling of when these doughnuts zeppole puffed up.

I actually danced in the kitchen. My sister-in-law has this on video. #truestory

This feeling of accomplishment was amplified when we bit into the pastry and heard the most incredible crunch. The feeling grew when I reached the light, fluffy, perfectly cooked interior. I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe that I felt this way about something that had cooked.

Is the title of this post beginning to make sense?

Move over Alex, I’m starting a new love affair with zeppole.

Is it sad to say that tonight’s adventure in the kitchen is my greatest achievement to date?

Perhaps that’s not entirely true but it is by far my greatest cooking achievement to date.

Handy tip – ensure your oil is precisely 175C. This ensures the zeppole remain light, fluffy and do not absorb too much oil.

The zeppole were magnificent. I’m already dying to make them again.

Any requests for flavours/taste testers?


Upon cleaning up my rather elaborate mess in the kitchen Alex tuned to me and said..

It’s rather ironic that the night before you head back to study dietetics that you make doughnuts.

I wholeheartedly disagreed with him.

I simply pointed out the enjoyment everyone had in this meal. The fact that family had come together and savoured every bite. To me that is much more important than the nutritional content of the food.

If I can help people to build a healthy relationship with food and take away the stigma of good and bad foods then I am one happy camper.

Sure, the zeppole did not count towards my fruit/vegetable/dairy/protein/grains intake for the day.

But they gave myself and my family happiness and to me that is infinitely better than a serving of calcium.

Lots of love,

Tess xoxoxox

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