The icing on the cake…

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone.

Has this long weekend confused everyone or is it just me?

Regardless, I hope you are feeling refreshed for the week ahead and aren’t suffering from mondayitis tuesdayitis.

Yesterday was Alex & my first wedding anniversary. It provided me with yet another excuse to post a soppy, romantic post on social media. #sorrynotsorry #ilovelove

We celebrated with the only thing that comes naturally to us… copious amounts of food, really really good food. #dietitianlife #itsthefoodthatbringsustogether

We decided to take a [very rare] weekend away to Birregurra with the sole purpose to dine at the greatly talked about Brae by the ingenious Dan Hunter. This 16 course degustation was designed with the farm-to-plate concept which brings food and the land closer together. As mentioned in my previous posts, this is my #breadandbutter.

The indulgent weekend started with a recommendation from my wonderful friend Annie to head to Birregurra Farm Foods & Provedore. Here Alex had the best steak sandwich he claims ever to have eaten. I had the second best potato pizza I have ever eaten [second to the one my wonderful mother-in-law makes #bestdaughterinlaw #butseriouslyitsdelicious]. I have a long, established love affair with potato pizza. My list of foods I adore is rapidly expanding. #watchoutalex

Then onto dinner at Brae. It was nothing short of spectacular. The food was exquisite with drinks and service to match. It was our modern-day picture-perfect idea of a romantic evening. The next morning we had a splendid breakfast at the quaint B&B we had stayed in. Poached fruits from their orchard, freshly baked sourdough and Irrewarra Granola were the perfect start to our lazy morning.

We wandered down to the local farmer’s market where I was indeed in heaven. As I work every weekend, I find it nearly impossible to get to a farmer’s market so this was luxurious to do so. We bought what seemed like a week’s worth of fruit and vegetables. After having our family over for dinner that night we had to venture to the supermarket the next day for more. #rookieerror #familylovesveggies #imdoingsomethingright

I did however have  a large bunch of rhubarb remaining. After finishing work on Monday [yes we didn’t realise it was a public holiday when we booked the weekend away #secondrookieerror], I decided I needed to bake Alex something, as a token of our first big anniversary together.

[Side note – the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper… How boring is that? I think Alex agrees that cake is much tastier.]

After a quick google, I stumbled across this recipe for a Spelt, Rhubarb Cake with Cinnamon Crumble.

You may ask why this recent obsession with Spelt flour? I have a bag of spelt flour which needs to be used by April so I am using it as much as I can #sorrynotsorry. You can use plain flour however the quantity is not 1-for-1 so check calculations before altering the recipe. I also find it delicious and think I prefer baking with this moreso than normal flour. I might even go buy more when this packet runs out… #speltconvert

Here is a snapshot of the finished product.

rhubabr cake

rhubarb cake

If you ask me, it’s pretty delicious.

The title of this blog post?

Well, it’s a bit misleading as you can clearly see there is no icing on this cake.

However, this food-filled, romantic weekend was the icing on the cake to what has been a truly terrific, blissfully wonderful first year of marriage #ilovelove.

Ok I’ll stop with the romance for now.

Lots of love,

Tess xoxoxox

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