Fibrous buns

So Easter is upon us. How did that even happen? I feel like I blinked and already a quarter of this year has passed. Crazy business.

As a slight procrastination technique festive tactic I decided to tackle the infamous hot cross bun.

I couldn’t help it though. My inner dietitian took over and of course I made wholemeal hot cross buns. #allthatfibre #allaboutthosebuns

I used this recipe, however I made another #rookieerror by thinking I could merely substitute white bakers flour for wholemeal bakers flour. #illlearnoneday

The result?

Fibrous buns.

I really need to stop describing them like this. It makes them sound unappealing. To be quite frank, I was rather proud of my efforts. They were delicious but definitely wholesome. Don’t expect a light, fluffy bun. These boys are certainly a filling snack with your mid morning cuppa. I didn’t mind this as I felt like I could taste the goodness alongside the tradition #winning.

I also opted for dried apricots sliced thinly instead of mixed fruit peel. Definitely a winning combination. Feel free to go a little heavier on the spice combination too. I found this recipe to be on the conservative side for my palate.

After struggling for a while now without a piping bag, I’ve come to the conclusion that enough is enough. Hot cross buns are known to be quite time consuming however the process which took the longest was the crosses. After struggling with many creative methods [and a few choice words],  I had to draw them on with a knife. #ingenious #rustic #cantyoutell

I’ve just pencilled in all of my uni due dates into my calendar. Based on this, I can predict some more procrastibaking before the Easter weekend is indeed over.

Stay tuned for the revised, less fibrous version.

Lots of love,

Tess xoxox

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