The Silverbeet Situation.

For those of you who are not well aware yet, I am a fruit and vegetable leek geek [seriously I couldn’t help myself] #sorrynotsorry. I’m a 2 & 5, eat-a-rainbow, eat your greens, get them in anyway you can kind of gal.

When my best friend told me she bought a Nutri Ninja and is eating more vegetables than she has ever done so before, I was a little bit too enthused. She forgave me though. I don’t think she’s forgiven me for the week we studied food packaging and how I recited to her what the different numbers meant on the bottom of plastic containers and the ten-steps of the canning process are. How are we still friends?

Seriously, if that’s your jam [Another one! Somebody stop me!] let me know and I’ll fill you in.

With all of my geekiness in mind, I’m also a full-fat dairy, doughnut, 16-course degustation, wine, cheese and Pizza Religion kind of gal too.

Everything in moderation right?

As my love for food and nutrition has blossomed, so has my passion for supporting local businesses and buying ethical produce wherever possible.

This is just my person preference. Alex may not be as passionate about this but at the end of the day is more than happy to have the freshest, most nourishing produce as possible.

As can be seen in my previous post, getting the time to head to a farmer’s market is quite a luxurious event for me. I’ve been searching for a while now to find out how I can get this produce delivered to my door.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Ceres Fair Food and I haven’t looked back since. Each week, I get a box of wholesome, freshly picked, nutrient rich fruit and vegetables delivered to my door and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously it’s a little concerning the joy I have in discovering it’s Wednesday – delivery day #dietitianlife #alwaysdreamingoffood.It’s my feel good Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.57.44 PM

But really at the end of the day, that’s what makes me feel good. It’s about you and what works best for you. If that’s eating more fruit and vegetables – great. If that’s having wholegrain bread instead of white bread –  great #allthatfibre. Hell, if it’s having that glass of red wine with dinner and that morsel of dark chocolate for the ‘antioxidants’ – great.

Do what works for you.

Alex and I managed to plough through most of our delivery within the first few days. We were stuck with a bunch of silverbeet though. One of the great things about this delivery is it forces us to eat seasonally and to try vegetables we wouldn’t normally purchase. So we have it, now what to do with it?

It’s Wednesday again, the new delivery arrives and we still have this silverbeet.

My mother-in-law suggested a cheese and silverbeet pie.

Brilliant. I found a recipe [see link here] for:

Sweet potato, silverbeet and goat’s feta pies

Perfect. That’s what we are having for dinner tonight I proclaimed.

I continued to pack away our latest delivery in the fridge. I found yet another bunch of silverbeet. Great I thought, now I’m going to have to find yet another recipe. I placed the silverbeet in the crisper next to last weeks silverbeet.

Turns out last weeks bunch looked a little bit different to this weeks. By a little bit different I mean a lot different.

It turns out last weeks delivery wasn’t silverbeet after all, it was a bunch of kale #dietitianfail.

I clearly didn’t get on the kale is the new superfood bandwagon.

Luckily we actually had silverbeet for those pies.



Pies + more veg + a side of simba.


Any suggestions what to do with the kale?

Lots of love,

Tess xoxo

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  1. Yum!!! Simba looks like he’s grown up heaps too! ❤


    1. Thanks Rox! He’s grown up so much! X

      Liked by 1 person

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