Jelly cakes for Aunty Doss

It’s been a big few weeks of change for me recently.

The end of an era in the sense for not just 1, nor 2, nor 3 things.

When change happens, I crave comfort. Comfort in the things that I know are stable, homely and aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

For me that’s food. Baking in particular. And the memories that these baked goods bring.

This past week I’ve made 2 batches of my foolproof gingerbread granola [recipe link], alongside Yiayia’s spanakopita [the recipe is definitely a family secret #mylipsaresealed], chocolate chip cookies [recipe link] and finally Jelly cakes for Aunty Doss.

Alex has been craving chocolate chip cookies recently. As always, my inner dietitian won out when I stumbled across another wholemeal spelt (oooh yeahhhh!) recipe with LSA (I substituted this for Archie’s blend.. see my previous post about this here). They are nutty, wholesome and fulfil that chocolate chip craving #myworkhereisdone. I substituted the macadamia oil for extra virgin olive oil – this worked a treat! I also added a little bit more dark chocolate than the recipe mentioned for some extra goodness – you’re welcome.


Even though the granola is my stable, go to breakfast dish. I was a bit more adventurous with the spice mix. I doubled the cinnamon, ginger and cloves and added in some allspice just to mix things up a bit. The result? Delicious!

The Jelly cakes are an interesting addition this week. It’s not that I am particularly fond of these nor so is Alex. I had purchased the latest Gourmet Traveller Magazine and when I flipped open to this page, I just knew I had to make them.

You see, Aunty Doss always made these for us. Alongside chocolate chip cookies. She, alongside my Gran was a fabulous cook.

So in a week where I crave comfort and stability. I made these for her.

jelly cake

It’s amazing how emotive food and cooking can be.

Tell me, when you are having one of these weeks. What do you bake for comfort?

Here’s to you Aunty Doss. To a brand new chapter opening. To new beginnings.

Oh and delicious baked goods.

Lots of Love,

Tess xoxoxo

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