Give pie and love

To all of the beautiful mums out there (or soon-to-be mums), Happy Mother’s Day.

I hope your loved ones spoilt you and made you feel like the incredible being you are.

We started the celebrations on Saturday evening by having my beautiful in-laws over for dinner.

The main was delicious but really lets talk about that dessert.

If I could get away with eating dessert for dinner every night, I’d do just that.

I made a:

Wholemeal spelt and strawberry ginger pie

The pie was so moreish. Paired with connoisseur honey macadamia ice cream, I was in heaven.

Really who did I bake for?

The recipe was one I stumbled across in a delicious baking cookbook I recently purchased. See recipe link here.

I did find the honey a bit sweet so feel free to add a bit less than the recipe states [I have a sweet tooth so that is saying something!] and of course I used Wholemeal spelt flour  #allaboutthatfibre.

Happy Mother’s Day Connie. I hope you enjoyed the pie. I love you very much, probably more so than this pie.

Then onto Mother’s Day. It started with an excellent banana smoothie [blog post to come!], a 13km walk with my lovely mum in the Mother’s Day Classic we battled the weather and felt much better for it [it was an 8km walk but I parked extremely far away! #sorrynotsorry] then indulged in a high tea before heading home to get lost in more thankfully food related, assignments.

I hope you had a special day mum. I treasure you, our walks and always our love for high teas.

To those without your mums, I think you are doing an incredible job. I wish I could bake for you too to show you that.

All of my love,

Tessie xoxoxo



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