Bun(s) in the oven

Hi there everyone!

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while.

Life has been a little bit hectic recently.. From uni exams, to the passing of my grandfather, to holidaying in Spain for a month and for those of you who are unaware.. We are also expecting Baby H very early next year (!!!!!)

With all of these things in mind, my creative streak in cooking, baking and blogging diminished. It’s back though. I’m sure of that.

So Baby H hey? Huge news! Alex and I could not be more elated. Simba of course is excited too..


I thought I’d start with the food side of things first, because really food is life. Am I right?

So how has pregnancy changed what I’ve been eating?

Well I guess it’s important to start with how my diet changed prior to conception:

  • I changed from low fat dairy [habit] to full fat dairy – man the real thing tastes sooooo good, has significantly less added sugar and only slightly more fat.
  • I was also actively trying to include more carbohydrates into my diet as I was well aware of how my requirements skyrocket in pregnancy [8.5 serves per day ladies!].
  • I was limiting my caffeine intake – weak lattes do not have the same effect sadly… cue many more naps!
  • I was moderating my fish intake. Usually people need to increase their fish intake to ensure the correct balance of omega 3’s. I seem to be the exception to the rule. I consume tuna on a daily basis. If I wasn’t trying to conceive, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, fish accumulates mercury. High mercury levels can be detrimental to bubs neuronal development. Therefore, in order to be safe, I cut back my intake to about 3 serves per week [keeping in mind, all fish accumulate different levels of mercury].
  • Under the advice of my obstetrician, I decreased the intensity of my physical activity. I found my body was grateful for the little break in intensity. I was still active on most days through walking Simba or going to Pilates.

So now onto the first trimester!

There were really no dramatic changes prior to conception but boy was the first trimester a dramatic change for me.

Typically I adore yoghurt, fruit and copious amount of salads.

Woah did Baby H not agree with that.

Early on, the thought of salads made me nauseated. I could no longer have yoghurt, smoothies or cereal for breakfast. It was either plain toast or a piece of fruit.

My infinite love of carbohydrates grew. You see I don’t normally eat many of these. Not because I’m fearful of carbohydrates or think they are bad for you in any way shape or form. It’s just not my taste preference. But now the thought of raisin toast smothered with butter, hot chips or a big bowl of pasta had me weak at the knees. Bagel crisps were suddenly the greatest invention ever – a mixture of bread AND chips. Genius!

Also much to Alex’s delight, I suddenly had a craving for all things burger related. I used to joke that I dreamt about burgers.. Although I’m pretty sure that was partly true.

Burgers and carbs aside, I quickly lost my interest in food. This saddened me greatly. For someone who is always dreaming of their next meal whilst currently eating, this was something very very new.

I also lost my desire for coffee. That was a shocker. I still can’t look at coffee without feeling nauseated.

In terms of morning sickness, I was pretty lucky. A little bit of nausea in the early days but nothing a few naps on the couch and taking my days a bit slower couldn’t fix.

The one thing that knocked me for six was how tired I felt. Normal tasks such as going to work or uni left me exhausted and unable to perform normal tasks when I returned home.

This whole making a tiny human thing is hard work!

Fast forward to now – 18.5 weeks! And I’m feeling significantly better. Still a bit tired and standing for long periods of time isn’t great but really I can’t complain at all. I have this beautiful Bub growing inside of me.

My love for fruit and vegetables returned just in time for us to Jetset off for Spain. Thank you baby H! I’m pretty sure you will come out looking like a fruit salad based on how much fresh produce I ate at the beautiful markets. It was so nice to feel like myself again and be in my own element.

We left for Spain just before I was 12 weeks pregnant. Normally the first trimester tests are conducted at 12 weeks and 5 days. As bubs was too small, I had DNA testing done instead. Although these are more expensive, the bonus was we found out bubbas sex very early on.

Alex and I are so excited to meet our Baby Girl in early January.


I went a little bit overboard in Zara baby in Spain. Of course there are multiple fruit patterned outfits in her wardrobe already [#sorrynotsorry].

I’m so excited to be home, to get back in the kitchen, be surrounded by our beautiful family and friends and to get back to my usual self.

Hopefully I’ll come up with some fabulous recipes which will help satisfy this never ending hunger that I have.

I still haven’t worked out if I have a baby bump or a food burger bump but we will run with baby bump for the time being.

Looking forward to blogging lots more really soon.

Lots of love,

Tessie (and baby H!) xxx

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