The condolence, the schnitzel and the procrastination cake…

Today I made two of the most decadent flourless chocolate cakes by the genius that is Emma Galloway. You may remember my previous blog post about my most successful cake to date. Of course it was another one of Emma’s fabulous recipes.

So why two of these cakes?

Well initially I set out to bake this cake as a token of my condolences to a very close friend of mine. Baking with love. I honestly feel like there is no greater gift.

So the second cake? Well I figured as I was already making one, I might as well make another to take to our In-laws for dinner. To quote my mother-in-law;

“Everything goes with schnitzel.”

Boy was she right. The cake was rich, decadent and oh so perfect to top off a scrumptious, wintery meal.

I can assure you Emma’s recipes never disappoint. You can find the link to the recipe here.

I ran out of cocoa powder and I used cacoa powder instead. This worked just fine. As the cake is quite rich, this seemed to add a level of bitterness which counteracted the sweetness. I also used a touch of brown sugar as I ran out of Muscavado sugar. I purchased this quite easily from my supermarket but assume brown sugar would also work just fine. I added a touch of vanilla essence into the cream which was delicious. Next time I think I might add something a little bit acidic to the cream as well.

Oh and the procrastination? Well I have an assignment due at 11.55pm tomorrow which I am doing everything in my power to avoid.

So cake.

Cake never disappoints.

Trust me!


The photography isn’t great, but the cake definitely is. I’m already dreaming of my piece with my cuppa tomorrow afternoon!

Lots of Love,

Tess + Baby H xxx

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