The weeks that were..

Hi there folks,

The last two weeks have been rather lack lustre for me. I’m heading into week 8 at uni, which means it’s crunch time.

So naturally, I’ve turned to blogging and baking. Surely you’re all used to my procrastination methods by now.

In terms of pregnancy cravings, Bubba H is already taking after her mumma and I could not be more proud.

I cannot seem to eat enough fruit. I’m limiting myself to 3 serves per day however could easily eat 5. Vegetables seems to be hit and miss. Last week, I couldn’t get enough salad, this week it’s all about those potatoes. Potato still counts as a vegetable right?


My life has looked like a rainbow on a plate recently and I couldn’t be happier. The odd freddo frog gets me through some looongggg tiresome days too.

Oh and did I mention, I can now stomach coffee?

Just in time Baby H, just in time. Thank-you! Caffeine… how I’ve missed you!


I haven’t been eating much meat and have been finding myself feeling rather lethargic. After a  little bit of self-diagnosing, querying if my iron levels are low..I decided to turn to what all dietitians do.. food.

Aha! I must include some high biological value protein sources in my diet [#nerdalert]. So I turned to eggs. Eggs, eggs and more eggs.

Add this in with my vegetable cravings and you get a wonderful frittata.

This wonderful recipe was adapted from the Dietitian’s Association of Australia website [see recipe link here]. They have some excellent, wholesome recipes which are more importantly cost effective and simple to follow.

I added in some potato [all about those carbs] and carrot to the vegetable layers. I also added a hefty amount of cheese into the egg mix, because why not?

The result? A deliciously, healthy, simple meal with heapppssss of leftovers.


Add some bread [oh those carb cravings aren’t going anywhere any time soon] for another delicious, fast, healthy meal.


I had an exam this week and a few sweet cravings. I turned to the pantry for some inspiration and created these delicious bliss balls in less than 10 minutes! See my previous blog post here for the recipe. I added in some chia seeds and cacao nibs just for fun. I also used normal pitted dates. The result? Delicious and less than a quarter of the price of Medjool dates #winning or rather #whatwasithinkingbefore?


The perfect brain food. Even better yet? Alex ate most of them! It’s always a confidence boost when my cooking gets his kiss of approval [well so to speak!].

Finally onto Alex’s first Father’s Day. He technically didn’t think this was worth celebrating just yet but I disagreed.

Over the past 8 years, I fallen in love with him time and time again. From supporting each other through school, university, careers, living together, travelling the world together, growing old together and now starting our family together. Each time I fall more in love with him than I ever thought was possible.

Those of you who attended our wedding will notice a few common themes there.

Alex, I told you this on Father’s Day but I’ll say it again. Watching you become an incredible dad to Baby H already has made me love you even more than I thought was possible. Thank-you for choosing us. Simba, Baby H and I love you dearly.

So in a token of my appreciation I made you, and your wonderful Dad ricotta doughnuts with wholemeal spelt flour [recipe link]. They were decadent yet wholesome and delicious.



I hope you had a wonderful first Father’s day. Here’s to many years to come of celebrating what an incredible Dad you are.

All of my love,

Tessie xxx


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