Happy Birthday to me

So the emerging dietitian turned one a few weeks ago.

A quaint little milestone. It’s been interesting to reflect how my blog has evolved over the past year. Albeit a little bit quiet for the last few months. I’ve grown from a nervous cook to a confident baker within the space of a year.

Whilst I may have been distant from the online world of blogging [this creating a tiny human thing is hard work], there has not been an absence of my love of food nor my developing passion for cooking.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the last few months have looked like. There’s an abundance of colour, fruit, salad, smoothies and of course the more than occasional sweet treat or three.

I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if this baby comes out looking like a piece of fruit. According to one of my many pregnancy apps, Baby H is the size of a pineapple this week (!!!)

Amongst all of this fresh produce, there has also been an abundance of love and support from my nearest and dearest. They may also make a slight appearance in this snapshot too. We celebrated my baby shower over the past weekend. Of course it was a decadent, indulgent sweet high tea.. how else could we welcome the arrival of our sweet babe? I’m still struggling to articulate how perfect the days was. Thank-you to all of those who celebrated with me. The love you have for Baby H is incredulous. How lucky she is.

So now onto this week.. I’ve finished university, I’ve finished work, I’ve finished baby shower planning.. Now what?

Well onto blogging and baking. There’s currently a delicious slice in the oven [see recipe link here]. It seems I’m not so good at sitting still and relaxing. An art I will have to muster in the coming weeks. However for now folks, look forward to a few more blog updates and a whole lot of baking.

Lots of love,

Tessie xoxox

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  1. BeaFreitas says:

    All this food looks so delicious !!! Thanks for sharing !

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