The anniversary brownie and the let’s start planning dinner…

Last week, my beautiful in-laws celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Can we all just take a moment to bask in how incredible that milestone is?

Alex and I have only been married for less than two years and greatly admire the love, commitment and adoration his parents share for each other.

As part of their anniversary party, his mum asked me to make a brownie. Oddly enough, with all of my baking expeditions, I had never made a brownie before.

So what did I do? A trial run of brownies of course, much to my husband and best friend’s delight.

The conclusion was that it was a bit too sweet [if that’s even a thing!], so the next batch were made with a slightly darker chocolate and a little less sugar.

The result?

The perfect sweet treat, to top of a remarkably sweet, happy marriage.


So now onto the let’s start planning dinner.

I’m now 37 weeks pregnant and I’m beginning to think the coming weeks/months will not be revolving around what’s for dinner and rather we will be focusing on nurturing our sweet bub.

I’m starting to make meals which will suffice for dinner now and will withstand the freezer for a later occasion.

Take tonight for example, I made homemade sausage rolls [with hidden extra veggies inside #allaboutthatfibre].

Interestingly, these may not be perceived as the ‘healthiest’ option but they were homely, simple to prepare, easy to defrost when needed and most importantly delicious. See the recipe link here for more details. I did use the commercially bought puff pastry. If I wasn’t 37 weeks pregnant, I would have tackled the task of making my own pastry. A challenge for the future no doubt. However my back and feet were very happy with this easier option.


Served with a generous helping of salad. A tasty, winning dish if I say so myself.

Over dinner I discussed with Alex the happenings of my day. This afternoon I was in a clothing store trying to find a multipurpose wardrobe which will get me through the hot Christmas weather and will suit me post bub. The sales assistant asked what my profession was. The first thing she said to me was, ‘Great! You’ll know all the best shakes, diets and easy ways to lose the baby weight.’ I looked at her dumb-founded, slowly processing what had just been said. My one and only concern post bub is making sure she is well-nourished, nurtured and whole-heartedly loved. In all honesty, losing the baby weight was the least of my concerns. Not wanting to rock the boat, I sheepishly muttered something and headed back to the changing room. Alex questioned why I didn’t say anything. I guess sometimes it’s just not worth the fight. However it did get me thinking. In all honesty, my body confidence is the highest it’s ever been throughout the pregnancy. I’m constantly in awe of how I am creating this little human being. My gestational weight gain has not been at the forefront of my mind as I’ve been focusing all of my energy into creating a supportive environment for our little girl. I’m now really annoyed at myself for not saying anything to this lady. She made me question how I feel within myself and momentarily feel the pressure from society to get back to my pre-baby weight as soon as possible.

Luckily, I can see past this. I can see myself cradling my beautiful little daughter and caring for her with so much love irrespective of my weight.

I’ve put these thoughts aside and settled in with a wonderful fruit salad and a night of House of Cards on Netflix with my love.


Happy weekend folks.

Lots of love,

Tessie xoxoxo

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