She’s here.

Emilia Joy completed our little family on Saturday 31st December at 9.15pm weighing 3.065kg and measuring 49cm.

To say we are a little bit smitten would be the under statement of the new year.

We were lucky enough to view the New Year’s eve fireworks from our hospital room. I whispered in our sweet babe’s ear – the whole world is celebrating, just for you.


Fast forward 4 weeks and I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. I’m lapping up every cuddle, every smirk, every noise because I know how quickly things change. I want to stay in this newborn bubble forever and yet I find myself longing to discover more about our darling Emilia Joy. Who does she take after most? What will her personality be like? And most importantly, what kind of desserts will she like? Will she be a chocolate lover like her dad or a fruit fiend like her mum?

I’m already eagerly awaiting her first Christmas. I long to spend the days preceding Christmas baking gifts with our babe to give to our loved ones. Her first taste of her Nonni’s gammon. Oh the list is endless.


Whilst I’ve been taking the days slow I’ve had a little vacation from the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I long to start baking again and to feel a little more like myself. Yet I can’t drag myself away from the arms of our gorgeous Emilia. The kitchen can wait.

To all of our loved ones who have blessed us with meals and baked goods. I cannot say thank-you enough. You’ve enabled me to soak up more time with our gorgeous babe, moments that we will never ever get back. Moments that I will never ever forget.

I’ll get back to cooking and blogging soon though. I’m sure my blog posts will mainly be regarding meals and snacks that you can eat one handed. I think I’m becoming ambidextrous. You become quite resourceful when you have a cuddly babe in your arms.

I’ll leave you now with a few photos of Emilia Joy. The one who brings so much joy into our lives. Thank-you for being ours. I promise to offer you all you could ever want in life and more.

I’m off for more cuddles.

Lots of love,

Tessie xoxoxox

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