Look mum! No hands…

So our babe is now six weeks old and we are more in love than ever. We are beginning to figure each other out and how to make our days as smooth and filled with love as possible. This is where the beloved ergo carrier comes in. Baby-wearing. Whoever invented this is a genius. I get to snuggle my sweet babe and have two hands free. Never have I taken such freedom for granted.

Emilia adores the ergo carrier. She gets to be close to me and dozes off whilst I bop around the kitchen. It’s perfect.

I’ve taken advantage of this recently.

I have made by debut back into the kitchen by solely using ingredients that we already have at home. Gone are the days of browsing through cookbooks, making luxurious shopping lists and decadent desserts. It’s all about what I can make from what we have. This equates to less food waste, better budgeting, happy bub and happy mum. It’s a win win situation.

So far I’ve made a bircher muesli from Darren Purchase’s cookbook. I may have snuck in a few more goodies such as chia seeds, toasted pepitas, sunflower seeds and almonds because why not? Even though I followed a recipe, next time I wouldn’t. I’ll just pop whatever I have at home in. As long as there are oats, yoghurt +/- milk, fruit and extra goodies for flavour the result will be delicious. I made a large batch which I can easily scoop into a bowl come breakfast time and eat one handed whilst nursing our babe. Simple, nourishing, feel good food. That’s what I’m about.


I was feeling rather ambitious that day, so I also made a slice whilst our babe was content. I’d been meaning to make this slice for a while but had never got around to it. You can find the recipe link here. This simple, no bake chocolate, tahini and oat slice is yet again another feel good, nutritious snack which I can eat one-handed. It certainly gets this mummy’s tick of approval. Alex enjoyed it too, so it must be good.



On Saturday night Emilia and I were invited along to our first girls night. A picnic with my nearest and dearest at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl listening to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. How perfect and how cultured for a 6 week old bub.

I wanted to make something quick, easy and portable but it also needed to be something I could make in bulk which I would have left overs for lunch/dinner throughout the week. It’s all about forward thinking at the moment. After a quick search of the fridge and pantry I decided on a zucchini slice. I made this in our thermomix which made it so much faster! However this recipe could easily be replicated using a food processor. See recipe link here. Super easy, delicious and it used up the zucchini and bacon I had awaiting me in the fridge.


You can see here that my friends know how to picnic. I suppose this is one of the reasons we are friends. If you look close enough, you can see the tasty chocolate, tahini oat slice also made it’s way to the picnic.

Finally onto yesterday, Valentine’s Day. I’m not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day per se. I prefer to tell my loved ones all of the time how much they mean to me. However I still indulged by writing a card and baking for my wonderful husband. After all, who needs a reason to bake? Well in saying this, I did have a reason to bake. I had bananas which needed to be used. Desperately. So I made another Thermomix recipe (HUGE time saver!), banana bread. However I didn’t quite have enough bananas so I added in two pears and about 75g of dark chocolate chips just for good measure. I only have a photo from snapchat as let’s just say we dived into it soon after that photo was taken.


I hope those of you who are time poor (isn’t everyone?) have found this post helpful.

So happy to be back in the kitchen. It’s even better to be back there with my darling babe.



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