Feel good foods.

As a new mum I understand all too well how easy it is to fall into the convenience food trap.

I’ve lost count of the number of meals that I’ve accidentally missed, scoffed down unmindfully with one hand whilst either feeding or soothing my sweet bubba or which have consisted of snack foods because it’s so much easier than having to juggle my babe (so to speak) and cook something wholesome.

This cycle seems to be a double edged sword as these foods make me feel less energised. I’ve always known that if I nourish my body with foods that make me feel good that I have so much more energy for every day life. This is vital when it comes to raising my gorgeous babe. On top of this, I’m passionate about providing Emilia with the most nourishing milk supply possible. How can I provide this if I’m opting for the easy option? I’m also aware that even though my babe is only 9 weeks old, that I am already role modelling and shaping her attitude towards food and her body. My biggest wish for Emilia is to have a healthy, nourishing, respectful relationship with her body, food and mind.

So with all this in mind, I’ve taken an extra few minutes in the kitchen recently – however difficult this may have been.

One of my favourite dishes I’ve made recently was this simple pesto pasta. I adapted the recipe from the wonderful Heidi Sze [see recipe link here]. Whenever I need some recipe inspiration, I head to Heidi’s blog. Her wholesome, nourishing, budget friendly, innovative cooking really resonates with me.

I substituted the almonds for cashews and due to the heat omitted the roasting step. The basil at our local grocer’s smelt divine so I decided to go down the more traditional pathway rather than the parsely in the recipe.

This simple pesto was paired with a gourmet pasta which we buy from our grocer. A simple, nourishing dish which can be made in less than 10 minutes, and can be easily eaten with one hand.  What a winner.


Another wholesome, simple dish which has been on high rotation in the Handrinos household are my acai smoothie bowls.

I can pop all of the ingredients in my Thermomix and within 90 seconds, I have a wonderful, easy to eat one handed breakfast/lunch/brunch dish.

Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe:

Serves 1


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup mixed frozen berries
  • 200mL milk
  • 1 teaspoon acai powder [purchased from The Source Bulk Wholefoods]
  • 1 drizzle of honey


  1. Place all ingredients in blender and blitz on high until smooth
  2. Top with ingredients of choice – I like to add fresh fruit, chia seeds, goji berries, flaked coconut and a quick stovetop granola
  • Note: Acai powder can be very expensive, therefore I only use a minimal amount each time. However, for a more budget friendly option this can simply be omitted.



Stovetop Granola Recipe:

Serves 1


  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp raw almonds
  • 1 tbsp pepitas
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Drizzle of honey


  1. Place oats, almonds, pepitas and cinnamon in a small saucepan over medium heat. Toast until golden brown.
  2. Remove from heat, drizzle honey and toss to combine.
  • Note – any staple pantry ingredients will make the perfect addition to this stovetop granola. So simple, quick and easy to make.

[Recipe adapted from Heidi again! See her initial recipe here]

And there we have it. Two fast, nourishing dishes which make both mumma and bubba feel energised to tackle the day (and night) ahead.

Bliss xx


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