Three’s a charm.

Earlier this month we celebrated our darling Emilia’s arrival with our nearest and dearest. We called it a ‘name day’ but really it was just an excuse to get the family together and eat delicious food. Like we needed an excuse anyway.

This day has been dreamt about since we announced to Alex’s family we were expecting ‘Baby H’. Alex’s dad began his research for which type of charcoal would be purchased to cook the lamb on the spit. Can you tell there was a Greek theme to the name day?

Therefore it will not come as a surprise that with this level of planning that I attempted 3 cakes before settling on the perfect one to celebrate our darling girl. You can see how this would be difficult as she is a little too young for solids and therefore I struggled to work out which flavour would she prefer.. the orange yoghurt cake with orange syrup and a mascarpone buttercream or the dark chocolate, pear and pistachio cake with a pistachio cream or the chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream, chocolate syrup and salted caramel popcorn.

Please see exhibit a, b and c below.

a) Orange yoghurt cake


b) Dark chocolate, pear and pistachio cake [note: we forgot to take a photo of this before it was demolished.. this photo is from a previous blog post]


c) Chocolate on chocolate cake


And the winner was……


Much to Alex’s chocolate loving delight.

This may sound like a ridiculous amount of effort to go to for just one cake. However it was the cake to celebrate the arrival of the most wonderful, precious, special gift into our lives. It would seem inappropriate not to celebrate in an over the top manner. I’m just concerned about how many cakes I’ll need to make in the lead up to Emilia’s first birthday.

I feel it important to highlight the disparity between what is often portrayed in the online world of parenting versus reality. I don’t want other parents to question their capabilities when it seems I had all the time in the world to make these cakes with an 9 week old bub.

When making the chocolate cake the night before Emilia’s name day it seemed everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Emilia wouldn’t settle in the bouncer. I had just put her in the ergo carrier when I realised I had miscalculated my ingredients. I didn’t dare take her out of the ergo for fear of upsetting her so instead of driving to the shops, we walked.. at 9pm on a Saturday night.

Upon our return home Emilia was still upset [I think she was going through another growth spurt at this stage]. With Alex at work until midnight and a deep determination to complete this cake there I was in my kitchen, topless, breast-feeding Emilia with one hand whilst cracking eggs with my left-hand with tears running down my face. Reality.

But you know what? At the end of the day, I was proud of what I achieved. Once I had finished feeding Emilia, she happily slept on my chest in the ergo carrier. I finished this beautiful cake. I had a content daughter and a content heart because I had baked this cake, just for her.

Alex, I’m really sorry about the state of the kitchen, thank-you for cleaning this huge mess up for me.

And to Emilia; I love you. Just wait and see how wonderful your cake for your first birthday will be.

Tessie xx

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