Emilia’s first Easter.

Emilia’s first Easter brought upon many mixed emotions for me. I’ve found since becoming a mumma I’ve become more sensitive. I’ve always had a sensitive side however I think there is this vulnerability which comes with being a parent.

I was beyond excited to dress Emilia in her many Easter outfits and am eagerly awaiting her first Easter egg hunt next year. I can’t wait to see the glee on her face when she discover the treats the Easter Bunny has left for her.

Darling, I’m only somewhat sorry for the Easter bunny headband. You really are the cutest bunny I have ever seen.

See exhibit a)


It might seem strange that I’ve had mixed emotions the past few weeks but let me tell you why.

Let’s rewind back to Greek Easter 2016. Sunday 1st May 2016.

The day I found out I was pregnant with Emilia.

Alex was finishing a night shift, I was heading off to work. I called him multiple times brimming with excitement. He was in handover and asked me to text him. I replied.. it’s not something I can share over text message. Instantly he knew. He face timed me after handover, minutes before I walked in to work. I’ll never forget the look of ‘joy’ on his face.

Finally my morning shift was over. I think that was possibly the slowest shift to date. I headed to his parents house for a lamb on the spit [I’m getting hungry just reminiscing on this day].

Alex was still asleep when I arrived.

I greeted his family trying to disguise my immense excitement as excitement for lamb. You can see this was an easy task.

His My Papou, who has never said anything like this in his life said to me; ‘You’re pregnant!’

To this day, this still gives me shivers. I brushed the comment off and couldn’t wait to tell Alex what had just happened.

Moving forward 7 weeks from Easter, on the day we were to tell Papou we were expecting Emilia, he fell ill.

Whilst in hospital, we managed to tell him our news. His eyes showed this glimmer of happiness and love. We knew he knew.

Sadly he passed away a few days later. My mother in law said something which has stuck with me ever since. When a soul passes, it needs to find a new home.

Darling Emilia, you were born 2 hours and 45 minutes before what would have been our beloved Papou’s 95th birthday.

I know he lives on through you.

So with this sadness comes great Joy.

To Joy, my grandmother. My second mother, who helped raised me. My role model and my main inspiration in the kitchen.

To name Emilia after you, means more to me than you could ever know. I so wish you had of had the chance to meet her. She would have adored you.

It’s these big family occasions that I really miss our loved ones who are no longer with us. I cherish the beautiful family we have but my heart longs for those who aren’t here.

I’m so sad that Emilia didn’t get to meet my gran, Papou or Nonna. However I hope that my time in the kitchen upholds some of their legacies.

In order to cherish Easter with our loved ones. I did what brings me comfort the most. I cooked.

On Easter Sunday morning, we had my beautiful in-laws over for breakfast. I made scrumptious hot cross bun inspired pancakes alongside hot cross bun Bircher muesli, fruit and ofcourse coffee from our local, Baba Sus.

No need for Easter eggs or frills. Just delicious food and the most incredible company.

I adore watching Emilia develop this special bond with her Grandparents. It’s a bond from my childhood which I will always hold close on my heart. There is no greater gift.

So onto lunch with my family. A decadent, hearty lunch put on by Julie. Gran would have been so proud. Plenty of food, cuddles, smiles and laughter. We headed home with full tummies and full hearts.

I gifted mum a lemon slice I had made in memory of my Gran. No healthy adaptations. I made it just the way she used to make it. It was sweet. Not only to taste but as a sweet reminder of her. I used lemons from Yiayia’s tree. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Sadly it was so delicious it didn’t last long enough for me to take a photo of it. However I’m sure I will make it again in the near future when I need to feel close to her.

So Emilia’s first Easter has come and gone.  Now onto planning the delights of next year.

Lots of love,

Tess xx

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