My first Mother’s Day.

If we are going to get technical. This really was my second Mother’s Day. This time last year, I knew Baby H was baking away but my lips were indeed sealed.

This year, with our darling Emilia, I knew I wanted to do an elaborate celebration.

Not for myself. But to celebrate the incredible mother’s in my life. The job they have done raising their babes and how they continuously help, support and guide me to be the best mother I can be to my darling little girl.

So naturally I decided on a decadent high tea for 12 people. Clearly logical thinking with a 4 month old babe. Call it ambitious or perhaps it was a case of sleep deprivation. Luckily all of my family are exceptionally helpful. They held Emilia whilst I baked and also brought some dishes of their own.

I focused on including nourishing, wholesome foods with little or no added sugar. This menu tasted incredible (if I do say so myself) but left us feeling satiated and happy instead of sluggish. Feels good foods. You know; my bread and butter. Not that I have any aversion to foods with added sugar. Sometimes you need the real deal and that’s fine. But today, this was what my body felt like and I listened.

I’m so grateful that my family share my passion for nourishing foods. We love to come together and celebrate with food, made from the freshest produce which is cooked with love. I think this is part of the reason why I love baking so much. It’s more about sharing this food with others and the memories this creates.

So on to the menu.

menu 2

There’s been talk of this becoming an annual event. To be honest, I’m very flattered but it’s a little early to commit to just yet.

As always, I over catered. Luckily Alex was on a night shift so he took all of the left overs to his hungry colleagues to avoid food waste. A win win if you ask me.

I did have grand plans on posting all of the details about the menu and the recipes I used but alas snuggles with my sick, sleepy babe has won time and time again.

If anything in particular takes your fancy just comment below and I will more than happily pass on the recipes to you.

For now I’ll leave you with a few more happy snaps from what was a truly, memorable day.

To say I was feeling the love would be an understatement. How lucky I am 💕

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