The kale miracle.

How many of you struggle to get your family members to eat more vegetables?

Are there certain vegetables which are taboo in your household?

Luckily for me, Alex (+ Simba & Emilia) are not fussy eaters. They love fresh produce (Simba included!) so it’s very rare that a nutritious meal gets snubbed.

For me, there’s been two occasions where this has happened.

The first time was when I decided to make ‘broccoli pizza‘. Alex will tell you to this day that this is not a pizza and he just couldn’t stomach it. I don’t blame him. He has Italian heritage and I tried to put a base in front of him made from broccoli, egg, almond, parmesan and garlic and tried to call it pizza.

I’m sorry hun, it was worth a try. Wasn’t it?


The second thing my family struggle with, are any obnoxiously leafy greens. Be this in the form of silverbeet, collard greens or the flavour of the month, kale. Alex loves his vegetables, but theres just something about these that doesn’t sit well with him. Let’s add into the mix I tried to make a ‘kale pesto’ and served it with a kale ravioli. Well I’ll let you work out how the story ended.

I enjoyed the meal at least.


So when I received kale in one of my latest FarmGate Online orders, I was worried about how I was going to make this work for our family. I had halloumi in the fridge and after a quick google, I came across this divine recipe. This recipe is by Arthur Street Kitchen. I have their Community and Neighbourhood cookbooks and their creativity in the kitchen using wholesome ingredients is inspiring. So when I stumbled upon this recipe, I knew I was on to something good.

Plus, halloumi makes everything better. That’s a fact.

I did however ad-lib quite extensively from the menu to adapt to what ingredients I had at home. You’ll remember from my previous posts, that I’m trying to use more of what we have rather than buy unnecessary ingredients.

I used a combination of half feta/half halloumi as I didn’t quite have enough. I used an onion instead of spring onions. I ran out of cumin so I used more tumeric and added in a dash of oregano. I had used my mint the night before, so I used the leftover dressing I had stored in the fridge which was perfect. I doubled the kale as I wanted to use our entire bunch. This meant I didn’t have enough dough, so I quickly defrosted some puff pastry from the freezer. I shaped these into triangles and these pastries are happily awaiting our family in the freezer for a rainy day.

The verdict? Alex loved them. He even took left-overs to work the next day!

So what’s my advice?

Add halloumi to kale. It makes it palatable to pretty much everyone.

Happy cooking.




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