The three part Father’s Day installment.

Alex is a wonderful dad. Beyond wonderful. So really, it only makes sense that we made his first official Father’s Day a rather decadent and drawn out affair. One which revolves around food. Naturally.

We started off our week with an early celebratory trip to the beautiful Montalto Vineyard and Olive Grove. The one upside of shift work is that you gain unusual days off together. Such as a Monday. We arrived leisurely in Red Hill and were seated amongst the five other tables of guests. Anyone who has visited Montalto on a weekend will tell you what a luxury this is. We ordered:

  • Marinated eggplant, fried chickpeas, labne & sumac
  • BBQ lamb ribs, garlic, zaátar, lemon
  • Chicken, haloumi & rocket piadina
  • Garden salad, radish, elderberry vinaigrette


This is the only photo we have of our meal. The rest were too delicious to wait for a photo.

We washed this elaborate lunch down with a beautiful glass of Pinot Noir.

A trip to Red Hill wouldn’t be complete without stopping at Johnny Ripe Bakery. I stayed in the car with a sleeping babe whilst Alex ducked in to buy ‘just a few things’.

Our freezer is now the proud owner of four delicious pies and two sausage rolls. Plus we have already devoured a vanilla slice and two apple pies. Gosh this post is making me hungry all over again.

Dinner that night was a simple chicken and vegetable pie from Johnny Ripe. We served this alongside a hefty plate of greens and roasted veggies from FarmGate Online. Because you know, balance.


Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning.

Father’s Day.

Emilia and I woke to our usual Sunday morning ritual.



This ritual started just as Emilia began eating solids. It’s been a very sweet (pun intended!) tradition. I wrote a blog post about it a little while ago.

Depending on my mood I switch between wholemeal spelt flour and buckwheat flour. Both work rather wonderfully. You can find the recipe for these pancakes on my blog post at FarmGate Online. Click here to take a peek. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Alex popped home briefly from his night shift to have a quick snuggle with Emilia before promptly heading to bed.

Fast forward 8 or so hours. My wonderful in-laws had been over to look after Emilia whilst I cooked a nourishing dinner for Alex. A simple dinner but none the less one which would fill him up for at least of a portion of his hectic shift. Recent literature has shed light on the poor health outcomes experienced by shift workers. It’s unsurprisingly. I’ve seen it first hand. Shift work plays havoc on your body clock. You don’t know whether you’re hungry, tired or just down right confused. No wonder your nutrition is often seen as a lesser priority.

I decided to cook Sesame Coconut Fish with chilli spinach. This recipe was from my latest cookbook; Riverford Farm gifted from A & B. It’s all about eating seasonally and absolutely screams my name. I served this alongside a green bean salad and some roasted potatoes. An excellent way to make sure Alex gets at least some vegetables into his system before his long night ahead of him.


I’d seen this recipe for Flourless Dark Chocolate, Orange and Ginger Muffins by Emma Galloway pop up on my social media and I’d been dying to try it. I’d been given an extra dozen eggs in my FarmGate order this week and had oranges to use. It was as if this recipe was crying out to be made. I didn’t have coconut flour so Emma recommended using desiccated coconut. This worked, however the muffins were perhaps slightly crumblier than desired. They are so moreish it really didn’t matter.

orange muffin

Alex headed off to work with a full tummy and I was one happy soon-to-be dietitian.

The rest of the Father’s Day festivities are still to come. We are celebrating Alex’s dad this Friday night. Family, footy finals and good food. The perfect way to celebrate the wonderful father and grandfather he is.

Then onto Sunday and it’s the big family affair. There’s ribs on the menu and I’m making a dessert which is to be a surprise.

I’ll be sure to let you know what I make soon enough. Spoiler alert: it’s not low fat, low sugar or paleo. It’s the real deal and it’s going to be (hopefully) amazing!

Stay tuned.

Tessie xx

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