Emilia’s Farmers Market

Today is my first official day back at university (edit: I started this post last week).

The final year of a total of 9 years spent here. I feel old just typing that sentence.

It is also Emilia’s first full day at childcare.

I’m in a world of emotions. Or for those of you whom are Anchorman fans…


So I thought I would distract myself on my break and finally document the details from Emilia’s first birthday party. Albeit almost two months late. But rest assured, I’ve got a coffee, I’ve spoken to childcare and all is well in the world. Plus writing brings me comfort and calm amongst the chaos. So lets get started.


We I decided on a Farmers Market Theme. Emilia simply adores food. Particularly fruit, bread and home-made sweets. In the early, sleep-deprived days, I took great pride in venturing to Farmers Markets on Saturday mornings with my family. We stocked up on fresh produce which helped us to feel semi-human. Prior to Emilia, and due to my long 9 years at university, I had always worked on Saturday mornings. So this felt not only luxurious but restorative. Fast forward a few months and Emilia simply adores Fridays. The day we receive our FarmGate Online order. For those of you whom follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will be familiar with videos of her ‘assisting’ me with unpacking our order. More recently, she’s taken to taking small bites out of everything before sitting in the box squashing the remaining items. Such a great helper. So with all of this in mind, you can see why a Farmers Market seemed like the perfect theme to celebrate our bright, food-loving and adventurous babe.


So now onto the day and the planning.

One thing that motherhood has taught me is to accept help when it is offered. Even more challenging than this, is asking for help, even when it hasn’t necessarily been offered. I’ve always been quite a proud and stubborn person who prefers to do everything on her own. But motherhood has certainly made me take a step back and realise it’s ok to accept help. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok, because all these things help to make me a better person and most importantly, a better mother.

So I started a Whatsapp group with my family and asked for help with the catering. Being the wonderful people that they are, they were only too happy to help.

The menu included the following items:

[Original size] EMILIA'S FARMERS MARKET copy

On the day, I recruited more family, and friends who are in fact my family to help with the setting up, transporting of items, picking up sweet treats from caterers, photography, child minding and the packing down. Gosh I am so grateful for them. I hope they know that I will always go above and beyond for them too.

To the party. We celebrated with our nearest and dearest. The ones who have helped shape Alex and I as parents. Who have given us a break when we have needed it the most. Who have helped support, guide and nurture Emilia in this first year of her life. It was a day which celebrated our beautiful babe but also to celebrate these wonderful people we have in our lives. We couldn’t have survived this year without you and we are so grateful.

To the birthday girl. Emilia had an absolute ball, exploring, eating and seeing the ones she loves the most. Surprisingly she didn’t get into the set up and decorations which is exceptionally unusual for this inquisitive babe of ours. There is photographic evidence to show that she certainly didn’t go hungry on the day. The cake was an absolute a hit.

Heading home, Emilia fell asleep within seconds. A full heart and a full belly. What more could a one year old (and her proud parents) want?

I’ll leave you with a few photos from this beautiful day, taken by the talented Annie Stary. I’ll leave a list of suppliers too for interests sake.

  • Cake: Yours truly. Inspired by this recipe by Liv For Cake
  • Cake Topper: Little Confetti Love
  • Cookies & Doughnuts: from the wonderful Toula at Sassy Cakes. Toula has helped me with sweet treats for my baby shower, Emilia’s name day, hens parties and now Emilia’s birthday. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  • Catering: myself, Connie, Olivia, Yiayia, Mary-Anne and Alex. I’m so grateful for your help.
  • Decorations: Mainly from Kmart and Target.
  • DIY Bunting: Meri Meri
  • Birthday Board: Arlo and Co. Such a special, personalised piece which we will have for years to come. Gemma and her team were a dream to work with.
  • Sparkling Apple Juices: Donated generously from FarmGate Online. They are supplied by Summer Snow. So refreshing and a wonderful non-alcoholic alternative to have on the day.
  • Photography: Annie Stary. My dear friend, wonderful doctor whom has a backup career in photography if ever required. Just stunning!
  • Emilia’s Flower Crown: Nature crowns. I love supporting local businesses. I have purchased numerous pieces from Rhianna. Each piece is a labour of love and is very special to us.
  • Dress: Miann & Co. We found this in a boutique on our first family trip to Tasmania. We knew right there and then, this was ‘the dress.’
  • Shoes: Seed Heritage.
  • My outfit: My go to store, Feather and Noise.
  • Toy market Stall: Target
  • Emilia’s time capsule: Liv Party Boutique via Etsy
  • Balloons: This Little Party via Etsy
  • Thank-you stickers: Plain Ink Diary via Etsy
  • Invitations and Thank-you cards: Vonn Lou Designs via Etsy
  • Photo display: Typo

If there are any other suppliers you are curious about, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Now to start planning the second birthday party…

Tessie xxx

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