Well hello there…

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for sticking around. I’m currently juggling my final year of my dietetics degree which includes full-time placement hours alongside a plethora of additional out-of-hours work, mum-life, wife-life, some form of social and family life, my work over at FarmGate Online and somewhere in between all that… minimal sleep. Oh and we bought our first family home and are moving in less than 5 weeks time. AND less than 3 weeks after we move, we are heading off on a (much needed) European getaway. Yes, things are definitely a little crazy over here.

So you can see why things have been a little quiet at The Emerging Dietitian HQ. I certainly haven’t lost my inspiration for sharing nutritional information and snippets of my hectic life. I certainly haven’t lost my inspiration or passion for The Emerging Dietitian but as always I’m struggling to find the correct balance. So here I am at 11.02pm when I should be in bed but I feel compelled to touch base and check in with everyone.

Sadly with so much going on, I have hardly any time to cook for enjoyment. My main cooking adventures include a stack of meal preparation on the weekend for the week ahead. With an impending mortgage I’m trying to be budget friendly and bring my food from home wherever possible. But as you can imagine, with limited time available, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Often, I roast two large trays of vegetables as per my usual method (recipe link here), pop this in a bowl alongside a tin of tuna and some pre-cooked quinoa and that’s my nutritious, budget-friendly balanced lunch which keeps me going.

Long gone are the days of porridge for breakfast. Oh I how I long to stand over the stove, stirring those delicious oats. I’d love to choose from any of my favourite recipes such as my banana and nut butter, rhubarb, persimmon and coconut or pear and ginger porridge. Some days if I’m running super late I’ll quickly make a smoothie to drink (un-mindfully) in the car. But more often than not I’ll simply have some weetbix or vitabrits (whatever is on special that week) with a banana and milk with my darling little girl. That’s her favourite breakfast. And now it is mine too. I love the time we spend together in the mornings before the frantic dash to work. Plus this breakfast option is super budget friendly. The only downside is that my 16-month-old likes to eat her cereal with her hands, so it makes for a rather messy morning. But that’s all part of the fun. I’ve learnt to get dressed for work after breakfast, that’s for sure.

Dinners are simple meals which are thrown together as fast as possible. My wonderful husband is doing an incredible job of maintaining his career, looking after Emilia and cooking and cleaning the house. I help where-ever I can. But boy did I hit the jackpot with him. He is truly incredible and is keeping me (somewhat) grounded in what is probably the most chaotic year of my life. Alex, if you’re reading this I’m forever grateful.

But it will all be worth it. I sincerely know this. I’m loving my public health placement and am pondering a career in this area. I am so passionate about spreading the non-diet approach and Health at Every Size message. I can’t wait to assist in creating this systemic change in the way our society views ‘diet culture’ as a norm. I know these are big aspirations but I want to be the best role model for Emilia. I want her to know that she can achieve whatever she wants.

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. There’s this perpetual guilt about ‘working’ so much, about missing out on the little moments with my beautiful babe. It does however mean that I am more present when I arrive home from work (however tired I may be). I switch off from work for those few hours before her bed time and I focus on being the best mum I can be. The second she is asleep I get back into my work. I’m more than half way through this semester. As of June 1, I will only have 12 weeks to go. I’ve got this. For myself, for my family and for my baby girl.

For now I’m off to bed, but I’ll try and check in more regular. Sleep tight Emerging Dietitian Community.

Tessie xxx

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