Happenings in the Handrinos Household

I’ve found it so difficult to keep up to date with my Emerging Dietitian posts this year. It’s always at the forefront of my mind however moving house, traveling overseas and commencing full-time clinical placement has put my creativity on hold.

For inspiration, I’ve turned to Heidi and her happenings posts. She was inspired by Pip.

Let’s begin…


My final clinical placement. After 9 years I can’t believe I’m finally at this point. It feels so wonderful to be back in the medical world. I forgot how much I genuinely love clinical dietetics. I’m still working out how this aligns with my non-diet approach values but I’m working on a way to combine my two passions.


My heater in the background. Man it’s cold back here in Melbourne. I’m not looking forward to our electricity bill.


Personally: nothing riveting. Just a lot of evidence based nutritional guidelines and the Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics by Rowan Stewart.

With Emilia: Spot loves his dad, Spot loves his mum, Hairy Maclary, Who’s who at the zoo and The little girl who lost her name (amongst many others). Gosh I love how much our little girl loves to read.



My work clothes during the week (with loottsss of layers!), my mum uniform on the weekend (jeans, jumpers and sneakers) and when I’m at home on the couch; my tracksuit pants and wooly socks. Can you tell I’m missing the European Summer?


With 5:30am starts, lots and lots of coffee. I make sure I drink plenty of water to keep me hydrated. On weeknights, I indulge in a hot cup of English breakfast tea once Emilia is fast asleep. On the weekends, I’ll unwind with a nice glass or two of Pinot Noir.

Eating and Cooking:

Plenty of vegetables. Potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower and carrots are my go to at the moment. With our mortgage, I’m trying to be more frugal with how much money we spend on food. Each weekend, we head to our local farmers market and stock up on fresh produce, meat, fish and eggs for the week. That just leaves milk, yoghurt and a few other staples to buy from the supermarket. Simple, nourishing food. Plus it makes me feel good too. For lunch, I’ve been making lots of roasted vegetable frittatas or I’ll have an assortment of roasted vegetables with avocado, feta, pepitas, edamame and a can of tuna for lunch. It might sound like an odd combination but it’s nourishing and satisfying. I’m eating mandarins picked straight from my Uncle’s tree which are like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. I’m also enjoying the beautiful chicken we bought this weekend, with extra bones to make stock. Plus there’s always an abundance of pasta in our diet, much to Emilia’s, Alex’s and now my delight. So simple and always a winner.


To be an APD. To spend more time with my family. To have it ‘all’. To slow down. To sleep.


To take each day as it comes.


To be gentle on myself. It’s ok to say no sometimes. It’s ok to put myself first.


Writing this post. Our new home. The quality time I have with my family when I get home and before I start working in the evening (again!).


Simple TV to switch off from my day. Shameless with Alex or Project Runway on my lonesome. Guilty pleasures.


Coffee. Food.


Our garden renovation. I’m still in disbelief that Alex made a Pinterest page. But I’m impressed with his enthusiasm and creativity. Also planning (dreaming) of our next holiday. Potentially Cancun and Hawaii in June 2019.


Coffee. Sleep. More family time. More balance.


My family. How special it is that I get to experience all of this chaos. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities and people in my life.


The simple moments with my family. The pre-bed snuggles with Emilia on the couch. Our park dates with Simba. Our weekly market visits where we support our local community. Our crazy dance parties in which Simba is utterly bewildered.


Lots of imaginary games. In particular those which revolve around riding Emilia’s toy vespa.


So grateful for everything I have in my life, despite the chaos. Gosh I’m so glad I did this post.

I’d love to hear what you are planning, craving, feeling etc. Feel free to comment below!

Until next time,

Tessie xx

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