My food philosophy

I am passionate about all food.

I firmly believe that all food should be consumed without labels or judgement.

I love nourishing my body with foods that make me feel good. Foods that help me to function to be the best wife, mother and soon to be dietitian I can possibly be.

For me, this is a mixture of wholesome, nourishing foods which come from ethical suppliers and local farmers combined with on occasion, the real deal; full fat, full sugar options.

This is what works best for me. Everyone is different.

I’m here to help inspire you to nourish yourself in the way that works best for you. To take the fear away from food, weight and the stigma associated with this.

Let’s celebrate food. Let’s celebrate how incredible our bodies are. It’s about getting back to basics and listening to what your body needs.

Somehow we (as society) have lost our way with this. It’s ok. It’s not going to be easy. But boy is it worth it. To feel good. To feel wonderful in the body you have. To celebrate all that we are. Irrespective of weight, shape or size.